Ralph Rucci

Fashion Designer / United States / CHADO RALPH RUCCI

In a career that spans nearly three decades, Ralph Rucci has assembled an atelier of uniquely talented individuals who share both his aesthetic and his passion for meticulous workmanship.

Since 1981, Rucci’s body of work has been evolving, season after season, working with the most luxurious fabrics and specialized collaborators in the world, however mostly all of the artisanal techniques which constitute his work were conceived, developed, and realized by him and his staff, which has been referred to collectively as one of the finest workrooms in the fashion world.

Rucci presented his first haute couture collection in Paris in July, 2002, and is the only American-based designer to have been invited to show as part of the official Haute Couture calendar of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. He is also a fine painter and has exhibited his work in many solo exhibitions since 2005.

Ralph Rucci is very honored to be able to work in his chosen profession and strives to inspire all who seek refinement, beauty, and even peace in the world of fashion. He will always cherish experimentation in cut, proportion, and construction and will never stop seeking ways in which to move his profession forward.

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