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Bob Gill’s Book List

Much to my shame, I must confess that I am not an avid reader, even when a book’s subject is of great interest to me. I can’t quite explain it but, after ten minutes, my eyes glaze over. However, these books mean a lot to me.

3 books
Marc Mayer Editor

A collection of the work of an artist whose range of personal visions seems to extend infinitely.

Hans Richter

Richter recreates that boisterous and fantastic movement of Dadaism in wartime Zurich and Paris in the 1920s. This collection, which includes Man Ray, George Grosz, Kurt Schwitters, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, etc., has been a wonderful source of inspiration.

Stephanie Barron

Magritte’s work, and his thinking, mean more to me than the work and the thinking of any other creative person I’ve ever come across.

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