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Bruce Hannah’s Book List

I was introduced to reading in my junior year at Pratt by Rowena Reed Kostellow, my mentor and teacher. After reading something I’d written, she suggested that I start reading the profiles in The New Yorker. Her thinking went that if you read well-written stuff, you would write better. I suggest books to my students for that very reason.

I’ve come to understand that most books, in the end, are about design in some way or another. The plots of most novels are designed, and the people who inhabit them are all struggling with creativity in one way or another. Books are also touchstones that remind us of something (or someone) that moves us or challenges us. Reading is also just plain fun, which may be its greatest pleasure.

2 books
Norman Mailer
Jon Naar

I hate graffiti! I think it’s vandalism or worse, but I’m almost persuaded by Mailer’s prose and Naar’s photos to admit it might be art. Anyone who is interested in what art might or might not be should read this book. It’s also a wonderful look at New York City in the 1970s, a reminder of the good times and the bad. I always refer to this book when I’m starting to believe I know what design and art are and can define them very clearly.

Henri Matisse

Whenever I’m tempted to do graphics I pull this book out and after looking through a few pages I’m cured of the affliction. Matisse invented modern graphics with this little publication that is so good you don’t even have to read French to enjoy the thoughts that cover every page.

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