David Easton

Architect; Interior Designer; Product/Industrial Designer / United States /

David Easton’s Book List

Axel Vervoordt, David Adler, Dunbar.

17 books
Antoine Chenevière

In my opinion, one of the best references on Russian furniture.

Anthony Burgess

Looking into the future—good, bad, or indifferent.

Amin Jaffer

By far one of the best historical references to Indian furniture.

Amy Dockser Marcus

Helps in understanding a very complicated relationship between two nations.

Richard Pratt

One of the all-time great classicists.

Andreas Volwahsen

Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker define Imperial grandeur.

Suzanne Massie

The author is a friend and this is a very concise history of Russia.

David Fromkin

Thought-provoking for our time.

Suzanne Massie

Wonderful tale of a beautiful palace.

Kōkyō Hatanaka

If you’re passionate about the beauty of Indian textiles, this is the book for you.

Edith Wharton
Ogden Codman Jr.

One of the very first books about architecture and decoration, which helped define American style as we know it.

R. J. Q. Adams

Fascinating reading about how man tries to solve problems.

Jenny Uglow

Wonderful read about some of the great English inventors and craftsmen of the late 1700s.

Régis Vian des Rives

This book speaks to me in every way—I simply love this house.

Leslie Piña

Furniture design at its best!

Armelle Baron

Inspirational Belgian taste. Axel has always been ahead of his time.

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