Florian Idenburg

Architect / United States / Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu (SO – IL )

Florian Idenburg’s Book List

Books are permanently around in our office. At home books surround us. (Yet, my current schedule allows little time for concentrated reading.)

This list is comprised of books that have impacted my thoughts and actions, or that I have just really enjoyed reading for their language or narrative.

2 books
Cecil Balmond

A book that makes one think anew about the way the construction of buildings can be conceived.

Rem Koolhaas
Bruce Mau

S, M, L, XL came out during my second year of studies and could be found on every student’s desk at TU Delft in those days. It was a perfect pillow book, in the sense that it was frequently used to puts one’s head on to rest for a moment.

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