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Interior Designer; Product/Industrial Designer / Canada; United States / Yabu Pushelberg

George Yabu’s Book List

Jetting between our New York and Toronto offices on a weekly basis, and various project sites around the world (literally), reading is an obvious, but very much beloved pastime. I always like to cover news stories both domestic and internationally based. And I love a variety of books—as long as within the first several pages, the book inspires me, provokes thought, engages my curiosity, and visually delights me. I often take something interesting and new away from each of them, whether a new way of looking at things, or an anecdote to apply to life. This selection is a cross section of my literary interests.

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Aravind Adiga

The themes in this book and those in Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment are closely associated through a harrowing, premeditated crime. The two novels were written about a century and a half apart; yet interestingly, the personal moral justifications of their characters’ actions just to get ahead within the rigid societal structure of 19th-century Russia and present-day India run eerily parallel.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Classic must-read for everyone regardless of industry or field of work.

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