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Jeffrey Bilhuber’s Book List

Here you will find a list of books that have inspired me in my professional and personal pursuits. Some I find I reference everyday, while others have simply stuck with me less as reference tools and more as life lessons.

11 books
Jane Austen

Emma is both fascinating and frustrating, a time-tested coming-of-age tale of angst wrapped in intrigue.

Carrie Barratt Editor
H. Barbara Weinberg Editor

An encompassing collection of scenes that uniquely capture the complex emotions and activity of early American life.

Charlotte Brontë

A delightfully haunting and obsessive emotional journey.


Edgar Rice Burroughs

A struggle between civilization and the dangerous unknown, between the elegant and the untamed, restraint and freedom.

Robert Hughes

A riveting look at the evolution of art as a passionate revolution—a response to the dramatic changes in technology, society, and way of life.

Valentine Lawford

A visual gold standard for a revealing look at families and tastemakers in the houses and gardens they’ve created.

Merriam-Webster, Inc.

I have always been inspired by words and language, and devote my attention to understanding and refining the power of communication.

Derry Moore
Mitchell Owens

Absolutely stunning and extravagant interiors are presented in a magnificent display of affluence, combining an old-world setting of castles and royalty with new twists.

Mario Praz

Published in the 1960s, this is a clever book that captures true passion for the subject. I use historical themes for inspiration, which this work perfectly reflects with truly remarkable illustrations of historical eras and witty commentary.

Peter Thornton

A “must” for anyone inspired by historic interiors. The author conveys the personality and unique relationship between owner and interior while remaining informative and poignant.

Martin Wood

A retrospective look at the star of the design world in the 20th century, tracing the evolution of his unique and signature style.

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