Jens Holm

Architect; Interior Designer; Urban Designer; Product/Industrial Designer / Denmark; United States / HAO/Holm Architecture Office

Jens Holm’s Book List

After thousands of years and the recent rise of a multitude of storytelling platforms, books remain for me the single medium that manages to both inform and inspire without dictating a single visual truth or idea.

The books on my list were all written and illustrated by people who are by far smarter than me. By generously sharing their talent, insights, and thoughts there is a small chance that one day I will become that smart, too.

3 books
Jean “Moebius” Giraud
Alejandro Jodorowsky

If you have ever seen a science fiction movie, chances are that the worlds portrayed in it came from the mind of Moebius.

Frank Miller

For those of us who for many years suffered ridicule for reading comic books, Frank Miller and The Dark Knight Returns vindicated us.

Alan Moore
Dave Gibbons Illustrator

In the words of Alan Moore: “A superhero Moby Dick.”

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