Penny Drue Baird

Interior Designer / France; United States / Dessins, LLC

Penny Drue Baird’s Book List

I have always had a very strong relationship with reading and with books. There are few pleasures as satisfying as browsing in bookstores and then curling up with a book. Throughout my life, I have rated very highly that late-night read, preferably with milk and great cookies. Although a Kindle/iPad is the apex of practicality when traveling (even more so for me because I travel for months and I can’t throw away any book), there is nothing like the feel and weight of a book in one’s hands. . . . View the complete text
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Barbara D’Arcy

This is my decorating bible. The tome has never left my bedside in all these years, and it was my single inspiration into the world of interior design. It subliminally gave me the message that a designer should be able to do everything, which is what my firm does today. Interior design is creating a fantasy for everyday living and, frankly, there are as many fantasies as there are people.

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