Tim Brown

Product/Industrial Designer / United States / IDEO

Tim Brown’s Book List

Victor Papanek,  Donald Norman, George Orwell.

14 books
Jacqueline Novogratz

An inspiring argument for the power of “patient capital” from a pioneering social entrepreneur.

Paul Collier

A powerful argument for why we should not kid ourselves that we have been working on the most important problems.

Victor Papanek

I read this 1971 book in design school and it convinced me that design had a higher purpose than simply creating the latest consumer product.

Donald Norman

Originally called The Psychology of Everyday Things, still the best argument for why designers can’t be left to design things on their own.

Frank Herbert

Science fiction that introduced me to the idea of ecology and man’s power to both destroy and create the natural environment.

Peter Drucker

A beautiful logic and pragmatism introduced to what had previously been seen as a black art.

A brilliant set of principles with which to approach the world of complexity.

George Orwell

The novel that introduced us all to the power of technology to undermine freedom.

Robert Wright

A 40,000-year perspective on why it is better to make the pie bigger than compete for a slice of the existing pie.

Harold McGee

A lovely treatise on the importance of science to craft.

Jeff Hawkins

A new way of thinking about intelligence that gave me some new insights about how I think creatively.

Roger Martin

An explanation of integrative thinking, a driver of all design.

Kevin Kelly

An explanation of why emergence is one of the most powerful creative forces.

Richard Feynman

This book disabused me of any notion that science is not creative.

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