Tod Williams

Architect / United States / Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects

Tod Williams’s Book List

I read slowly and want to be deeply engaged.

6 books
Colum McCann

I was particularly attracted to the complex intersections of lives and feelings—a web in time and place.

Françoise Gilot

Simultaneously deeply personal and coolly analytical. I felt illuminated by two amazing people’s lives and Picasso’s art. Even as I never felt the intimacy of their relationship, I fell in love with Gilot.

Annie Dillard

The dark, dense richness and difficulty of the Pacific Northwest over a century ago made me wish I could live life in an enormous, entangled tree.

Herman Melville

It took me years to appreciate, and once embraced it may never be surpassed. At first it was the story, ultimately the detail. Another life I would have liked to live.

Cormac McCarthy

Always the weight—the dark path, the incredible sadness, the bleakness of it all, the struggle with nature.

Joan Didion

Selfish and vulnerable—a family tragedy unforgiving in every way. Then I saw the play and need no more.

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