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Wendell Castle’s Book List

I have over 1,500 design and architecture books in my studio library and another 1,500 art books at home. Books are very important in my life. My daughter, Alison, is an art book editor.

10 books
Alan Fletcher

This is a great book for useless knowledge that ultimately might prove useful.

Malcolm Gladwell

In fact, all of Gladwell’s other books are noteworthy, too, particularly Outliers: The Story of Success.

Richard Kehl

Filled with wonderful insights and great quotes.

Daniel H. Pink

I was fascinated by Pink’s thoughts on intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation.

Kirk Varnedoe

Shows how breaking the rules can create a new art form. We now look at art in new ways.

Jonah Lehrer

Excellent on exploring the thought processes behind how we make decisions.

Jonah Lehrer

This book is worthwhile, despite the problems.

Marvin Minsky

Very worthwhile read for anyone interested in how the mind works.

László Moholy-Nagy

The first design book I ever owned. It’s still influential today.

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