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The Books That Inspire Three Names in Car Design

August 18, 2014

Kicking off an automobile-themed week, here are the books that inspire three distinguished names in car design—Chris Bangle (former Chief of Design for BMW), Thomas Girst (BMW’s Head of Cultural Engagement), and Phil Patton, New York Times “Wheels” blog writer and author of several books on car design.

(2011) with spread featuring examples from the BMW Group’s Art Car Collection. The book, designed by Stefan Sagmeister, can be driven around with a remote control. Photo courtesy of Sagmeister & Walsh
Chris Bangle’s Book List

My Top Ten Books on: 1. Car design: The Nude; The creative process: Poetics of Music; 3. The relationship between Creative and Client: An Essay on Typography; 4. Understanding gender and design: As Long as It’s Pink; 5. Learning how to see the world: A Pattern Language; 6. The arcane minutiae of car design: A Century of Automotive Style; 7. Design insights from an unexpected quarter: Understanding Comics; 8. The historical consequences of design to put it all in perspective: American Design Ethic; 9.

Thomas Girst's Book List

The existence of books is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. The things we think about—the things that matter (life, love, death, eros, logos, thanatos)—have already been thought of thousands of years before. We are all standing on the shoulders of giants. It is through books that we can communicate with the past, like lighthouses along the shoreline, as Baudelaire once said. It is through books that we can delve into any culture on the planet at any time.

Phil Patton’s Notable Books of 2013

The Afterlife of Emerson Tang, Overdrive, Hartmut Esslinger.

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