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By Tom Kundig October 18, 2013

This has been an important book for my career. I’ve read it multiple times—it continues to be meaningful and I don't expect that will change. Shadows are the silent reason that objects are recognized; they give them shape.

By Chip Kidd September 5, 2013

This was the first book I read that was really about the power of design and typography. I would say that Charlotte’s typographic web-o-grams represent the first depiction of a successful ad campaign in children’s literature.

By Chip Kidd August 6, 2013

A cautionary tale of megalomania. Plus, as a soap opera it’s pretty hard to beat.

By David Kelley January 8, 2014

The Little Prince had a big impact in my life when I was young and impressionable. It offered my earliest lessons in prototyping, iterating, and stretching your imagination.

By David Kelley December 17, 2013

This book is the beating heart of the Stanford design project methodology. We use it liberally to help students improve their power of perception.

By Tom Kelley December 16, 2013

The book’s collection of 100 social-innovation/design projects was just the jumping off point for Emily Pilloton’s subsequent ventures: a cross-country Design Revolution Road Show, a hands-on design thinking curriculum for high school kids, a design-and-build summer camp for tween girls, and a documentary film on the power of design thinking. It’s not just a book. It’s the harbinger of a bright future.

By Maira Kalman November 13, 2013

The tragedy. The grandness of the small. The tiny color phrases.

By Maira Kalman August 29, 2013

None better. Logic. Mathematics. Madness. Screwball comedy. Hallucinatory magic. And wondrous everything.

By Jens Holm October 14, 2013

In the words of Alan Moore: “A superhero Moby Dick.”