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By Jasper Morrison August 11, 2014

Essential reading for those in the object business.

By Isaac Mizrahi September 9, 2013

My idea of a page-turner.

By Debbie Millman December 9, 2013

An incredible book about an incredible designer, thinker, and bad-boy provocateur.

By Peter Mendelsund August 4, 2014

The book that, of all the books I’ve read, comes the closest to accurately reflecting this slippery world of ours. It is the book that feels, when one is reading it, the most like what it feels to be alive. Lesson(s) learned: Hold a mirror up to life.

By Peter Mendelsund November 21, 2013

My first and most profound lesson in world-building. Lesson learned: All you need is a crayon.

By Peter Mendelsund October 4, 2013

Lesson learned: Life can be messy and beautiful in equal measure. (Design can be, too.)

By Margaret McCurry November 17, 2014

A client of mine once very graciously referred to me as the Jane Austen of architects, saying, “She can create a small world out of a small space, a microcosm in a two-inch piece of ivory.”

By Paul Marantz January 2, 2014

All you ever need to know about how we try to banish night.

By Michael Manfredi December 20, 2013

As an architect who likes to cook, I can think of few cookbooks that are so “architectural.”

By Greg Lynn October 21, 2013

I remember buying this as a teenager after having read all the Tolkien and C.S. Lewis stories. Many sketches and doodles came from that experience. These are great books to get you drawing gizmos and contraptions.