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By Jens Holm October 14, 2013

In the words of Alan Moore: “A superhero Moby Dick.”

By Jens Holm August 14, 2013

Great achievements come in small steps.

By Craig Hodgetts August 22, 2013

Giedion weaves the strands of innovation we take for granted into a compelling fabric that helps to explain how and why our cities and towns took the shape they did. Hopefully someone of his stature will do the same for the Information Age.

By Steven Heller August 16, 2013

I always hoped that Ernst H. Gombrich and I were somehow related. I began my “career” writing about the history of caricature. Gombrich and psychoanalyst Erst Kris wrote a book together on the subject. Apparently, the only place it was ever published (in a sharply cut version) was in Meditations on a Hobby Horse. And that is why I treasure this book.

By Sam Hecht September 19, 2013

Why is this book so important? I believe that too many designers have lost the ability to realize that projects are ultimately for people—not the company.

By Bruce Hannah September 23, 2013

Matisse invented modern graphics with this little publication that is so good you don’t even have to read French to enjoy the thoughts that cover every page.

By Alexa Hampton July 28, 2014

The essential book on design by two huge figures.

By Alexander Haldemann December 13, 2013

What inspires me about Swiss painter Johann Heinrich Füssli is that he had an international consciousness—expressed in his art—in the 18th century, decades before direct flights and the Internet would make that an easy thing to do. He did it when it was hard.

By Nancye Green December 11, 2013

Illustrates in maddening detail the designer’s excruciating fascination with the ordinary as extraordinary.