Themed Book Lists

Our themed book lists are compiled from the books that appear on Designers & Books and focus on special subjects. For a complete listing, see List of Lists.
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CreativeMornings Book Lists
November 15, 2013

Designers & Books has partnered with CreativeMornings, a themed “breakfast lecture series for creative people” taking place in multiple global locations each month, to provide book lists on each month’s theme. The theme for November is “Bravery.” More...

Themed Book Lists
December 9, 2014

Photography has long been a communicator of architectural ideas. Here are 10 books that showcase a range of perspectives on the built environment—from photographs taken by architects themselves (LC Photo: Le Corbusier Secret Photographer) to artistic interpretations (Shooting Space) to the documentation of architectural “ruins” in America (Abandoned). More...

Themed Book Lists
December 27, 2013

Inspired by this week's Book of the Week, The Medium is the Massage, by mass communications analyst Marshall McLuhan, here are 10 books from our contributors on advertising and design. More...

Themed Book Lists
October 31, 2014

Halloween reading—from Gothic fiction to horror in architecture—chosen by designers Jonathan Barnbrook, Jeanne Gang, Angus Hyland, and other contributors. More...

Themed Book Lists
July 2, 2014

Most popularly known for his Geodesic Dome, visionary, inventor, environmentalist, and prolific author R. Buckminster—“Bucky”— Fuller (1895–1983) was born in July. Here are 10 books by or featuring Fuller that have been chosen by our contributing designers, publishers, and booksellers. More...

Themed Book Lists
January 29, 2014

A selection of 10 books designed by Amsterdam-based book designer Irma Boom that have appeared on the book lists of our contributors, featured publishers, and booksellers. Boom’s work also includes special limited editions such as her recently produced all-white ink-less book for the perfume Chanel No. 5. More...