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Themed Book Lists
March 31, 2015

We’ve updated our list of books of design manifestos, which includes the recently published compilation After the Manifesto (Columbia University GSAPP Books/T6 Ediciones, 2015). In an exciting development for us, Designers & Books is planning to help bring back in print this year another book on this list: Ladislav Sutnar: Visual Design in Action, a 1961 “monograph-cum-manifesto,” in the words of Steven Heller, featuring the work and ideas of the Czech forerunner of information design, Ladislav Sutnar (1897–1976). Watch for details! More...

Book List of the Week
March 23, 2015

French graphic designer (Robert) Massin’s Letter and Image (La Lettre et l’Image)—a survey of letterforms and type from pre-history to the present—was first published 45 years ago, in 1970. Known for his experimentation with typography and layout, Massin (b. 1925) is also recognized as a scholar of graphic design history. Letter and Image makes the book lists of design critic Rick Poynor, graphic designer Paula Scher, and others. More...

By Seymour Chwast March 23, 2015

Technical, humanist images from this 1920s and ’30s visual artist. . . . The books I like are human-size 3-D objects. They often contain things to ponder, ignore, memorize, and laugh and wonder at.

By Milton Glaser March 2, 2015

Berger is incapable of writing without astonishing you.

Book List of the Week
March 2, 2015

First published in 1939 in Japanese and translated into English in 1977, In Praise of Shadows considers Japanese aesthetics and its emphasis on subtlety and nuance. Ten designers, including architect David Adjaye, fashion design curator Akiko Fukai, and lighting deisgner Paul Marantz, cite the book as an inspiration for their work. More...

By Diana Balmori February 19, 2015

A priceless observation is: “To be without method is deplorable, but to depend entirely on method is worse. The end of all method is to seem to have no method.”

Themed Book Lists
February 19, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year!  More...

Themed Book Lists
February 12, 2015

Our annual Valentine’s Day book list for designers from our contributors, updated. More...

By Maria Popova February 12, 2015

Artist Lauren Redniss tells the story of Marie Curie through the two invisible but immensely powerful forces that guided her life: radioactivity and romance.  It’s also a remarkable feat of thoughtful design and creative vision.

Book List of the Week
January 26, 2015

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland), first published in 1865, will be 150 years old this year. To honor the anniversary, we’re highlighting the comments of our contributing designers who have been inspired by this childhood classic. More...