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By Dan Formosa December 29, 2014

This (and Edward Tufte’s subsequent publications) should be required reading for everyone, everywhere.

Book List of the Week
December 29, 2014

We often ask our contributors not only what books have inspired them in the past but also what they’re reading now. Here are a few of the answers we received in 2014. You can find the complete list of 135 books our designers and commentators have recently read in our section on Current Reading. More...

Themed Book Lists
December 23, 2014

Here are 10 books on set and theater design from our contributors, inspired by our Book List of the Week from David Rockwell. More...

Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter December 22, 2014

We received a list of a dozen books that have inspired David Rockwell—the acclaimed architect of restaurants such as New York’s famed Nobu Fifty Seven and hotels like the W, and the set designer of Oscar ceremonies and award-winning Broadway productions including Hairspray and the currently running Kinky Boots. More...

Books on Cities
December 16, 2014

We revisit our original list of books—now with 10 additional titles—about the city of Los Angeles and its design, past, present, and future. New additions to the list include L.A. [Ten]: Interviews on Los Angeles Architecture, 1970s–1990s by Stephen Phillips, 2013 (Lars Müller Publishers); Sense of Place: Elements of California Modernism, 2014 by Michael Webb and Kovac Architects (ORO Editions); and Earthquakes, Mudslides, Fires & Riots: California and Graphic Design, 1936–1986 by Louise Sandhaus, 2014 (Metropolis Books). More...

By Tom Kundig December 15, 2014

Shadows are the silent reason that objects are recognized; they give them shape. Shadows represent the soul of a place or object.

Book List of the Week
December 15, 2014

This week we’re highlighting the books that inspire three architects working in California and the Pacific Northwest: Neil Denari (Los Angeles), Craig Hodgetts (Los Angeles), and Tom Kundig (Seattle). More...

Design Books to Win
December 10, 2014

The designers of the Pentagram consultancy—founded in London in 1972 and New York in 1978 and today with offices in San Franciso, Austin, and Berlin—include some of most well-known graphic design practitioners working today. To highlight the company’s work in book design, in collaboration with Pentagram, we are offering you the chance to win five books published in 2014 designed by Pentagram’s graphic designers. The giveaway runs through Tuesday, December 16, 11:59 PM. More...

Themed Book Lists
December 9, 2014

Photography has long been a communicator of architectural ideas. Here are 10 books that showcase a range of perspectives on the built environment—from photographs taken by architects themselves (LC Photo: Le Corbusier Secret Photographer) to artistic interpretations (Shooting Space) to the documentation of architectural “ruins” in America (Abandoned). More...

Book List of the Week
December 8, 2014

Five members of the over 40-year-old design consultancy Pentagram, whose work includes branding, publications, exhibitions, and much more, have shared with us the books that have been meaningful to them. The designers are Michael Bierut (New York), Angus Hyland (London), Abbott Miller (New York), Harry Pearce (London), and Paula Scher (New York). More...