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Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter January 13, 2014

The son of a famous pair of designers—his father is Gijs Bakker, co-founder of the Dutch design collective Droog and one of the first and most influential conceptual designers; his mother is the late jewelry designer Emmy van Leersum—Aldo Bakker is known for his designs for furniture and tableware in materials such as wood, porcelain, copper, and glass that also have an interactive quality. Objects, he believes, “communicate emotion through association, touch, texture, and materiality.”

By Aldo Bakker January 13, 2014

Kenya Hara gives so much attention to every single element: the photography, the paper, the graphic design. This book is so consistent and convincing that it pulls you into a completely different world.

Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview
January 10, 2014

This week we were especially pleased to publish our in-depth interview with architect, urban, planner, author, and educator Denise Scott Brown, who talked about 45 years of “learning from Las Vegas” as well as a range of other topics. We also posted our third book list in collaboration with CreativeMornings, based on the popular worldwide breakfast lecture series’ January theme: “Childhood.” Next week: books chosen by Dutch product designer Aldo Bakker.

Best Sellers
January 9, 2014

This list of best-selling design books indicates the #1 seller for the month for a given store and is compiled from the individual best-seller lists for December 2013 provided by our U.S. featured booksellers.

CreativeMornings Book Lists
January 8, 2014

Our third book list developed in collaboration with CreativeMornings, a breakfast lecture series for the creative community, each with a monthly theme, is based on January’s theme: “Childhood.”

By David Kelley January 8, 2014

The Little Prince had a big impact in my life when I was young and impressionable. It offered my earliest lessons in prototyping, iterating, and stretching your imagination.

By Stephanie Salomon, Designers & Books January 7, 2014

Designers and Books spent an afternoon with architect and urban planner Denise Scott Brown at the suburban Philadelphia home she shares with her husband, architect Robert Venturi, talking with her about what went into making the book Learning from Las Vegas—and the studio class that prompted ither thoughts about the book’s significance today, new writing, and what she’s working on next.

Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter January 6, 2014

A former student of Italian literature and art history and an inveterate traveler, Temple St. Clair discovered jewelry design by collaborating with master artisans in Italy to create unique pieces featuring precious metals and gemstones. These strands weave among the books St. Clair—a 2011 recipient of the Hall of Fame award from the Accessories Council for Excellence, recognized for her rock-crystal amulets and use of colored gems —chose for her Designers & Books list.

By Temple St. Clair January 6, 2014

I love the descriptions of the clothes and jewels—Anna’s hands, the social order depicted, from the peasants to the aristocracy.