Bernard Rudofsky
Paul Theobold, Chicago, IL, 1947, English
Nonfiction, Fashion Design; Nonfiction, Art and Cultural History

Catalogue of an enormously popular and groundbreaking 1944 exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art curated by Vienna-trained architect Bernard Rudofsky (1905–88) who questioned all aspects of modernism in design and architecture. Included in the exhibition was an examination of shoes, some of which Rudofsky lampooned as unwearable and others of which he praised, such as those based on sandals from antiquity. (He would found his own line of “Bernardo” sandals in 1946.)

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Stanley Abercrombie
This may seem a strange choice, but this catalogue for an exhibition of the same name at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, shows us dramatically and humorously how design decisions based on fashion can affect us in ways that are awkward, painful, and even disfiguring.
George Tscherny

This, as well as Rudofsky’s other books, argues for humane and sensible design.

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