George Tscherny

Graphic Designer / United States / George Tscherny, Inc.

George Tscherny’s Book List

The intellectual level of art schools in the late 1940s was that of vocational schools. . . . Books, mostly printed in black and white, were instrumental in offering information and providing inspiration. They introduced us to a select group of design pioneers from Europe and the U. S. who became our role models. . . . View the complete text
8 books
Bernard Rudofsky

This, as well as Rudofsky’s other books, argues for humane and sensible design.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Cartier-Bresson demonstrated the significance of the decisive moment—be it in photography, design, or communication. He taught us to walk softly and carry a little camera.

Imre Reiner

With exquisite sensitivity, Reiner combines traditional typography with very personal and daring letterforms. His typographic range from cool to hot exerted a major influence on me, not only in typography but design in general.

Kirk Varnedoe
Adam Gopnik

While the popular arts have almost always been inspired by the fine arts, the fine arts, with greater frequency in recent history, find inspiration in the popular arts. Is design the New Art?

E. H. (Ernst) Gombrich

A surprisingly easy read from a “heavyweight” art historian.

Charlotte Salomon

Charlotte Salomon, a remarkable painter and writer, relates the story of her short life during World War II in nearly 800 gouache paintings. It is a memorial to the tragedy that ended in her death at Auschwitz.

Sigfried Giedion

Like the Bible, this book is not read in one sitting. And also like the Bible, one goes back to it again and again for wisdom and sustenance.

Walter Bangerter
Walter Marti

Typographie was not only inspirational but also enlightening. It taught me that emphasis and articulation in typography is not only accomplished through a change in typeface or type size but also by means of color, weight, or spatial manipulation.

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