Jean Baudrillard
Sage Publications, London, 1998, English; originally published in 1970 in French
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780761956914

From the Publisher. Now available in English, Baudrillard’s The Consumer Society examines the process and meaning of consumption in contemporary culture. It makes a vital contribution to current debates on consumption as Baudrillard demonstrates that consumption is the axis of culture. This text includes a systematic discussion and application of key themes in Baudrillard's work, such as simulation and simulacrum, through a rigorous inquiry into "the social logic of consumption."

The Consumer Society is Baudrillard's most organized examination of mass media culture, and the meaning of leisure and anomie in affluent societies, while a discussion of the body demonstrates Baudrillard's extraordinary insight into a vital subject in contemporary cultural theory. This text will be essential reading for students of sociology and cultural studies.

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Stefano Giovannoni

In this book Baudrillard goes deeper into his earlier analyses of consumer society, critically examining its structure and paradigms.

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