Kazuyo Sejima
Ryue Nishizawa
TOTO, Tokyo, 2003, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9784887062245

From the Publisher. Projects by Sejima and Sanaa including plans for urban development in Madrid as part of the bid for the Olympic 2012, the Japanese Pavilion at the 7th Architecture Venice Biennial, the Issey Miyake and Prada shop interiors in Tokyo as well as residences, exhibitions and offices. They have completed a prolific amount of projects throughout Europe and Japan. All are presented here, full page, on glossy paper. Includes sketches and short descriptive texts.

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Aldo Bakker

Sanaa interprets and purifies the normal and the actual in such a way that it defines a new, almost floating architecture. The tone of the book reflects the identity of this firm very well. The book is so densely filled that you keep feeling the need to dive into it again and again in the hope of discovering something new.

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