Aldo Bakker

Product/Industrial Designer / The Netherlands / Aldo Bakker

Aldo Bakker comes from a well-established design background. His father is Gijs Bakker, co-founder of the Dutch design collective Droog and one of the first and most influential conceptual designers; his mother is the late jewelry designer Emmy van Leersum.

Aldo Bakker propounds the notion that objects possess and evoke emotions in the user, and that they can communicate through association, touch, texture, and materiality. His work—which includes furniture and tableware in materials such as wood, porcelain, copper, urushi, and glass—often strange, yet also strangely familiar, is intended to post questions and trigger responses. He writes:

“My objects should be able to create a space around themselves, to define their context on their own. I question their meaning and, hence, their use. In the ideal case an object acquires a status that legitimizes itself, independent of the surroundings.”

Bakker teaches at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

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