Richard Knight
Foreword by Cesar Pelli
William Stout Publishers, San Francisco, 2008, 2007, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9780974621449

From the Publisher. Joining Eero Saarinen’s office as a designer and growing into the role of in-house photographer, Richard Knight captured hundreds of images of the behind-the-scenes process there. This unique personal account of the process, culture, and history of Saarinen's office is prefaced by a foreword by Cesar Pelli, and a contextual essay by Pierluigi Serraino, highlighting the critical role of large-scale model building practiced in Saarinen’s office.

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Jonathan Olivares

This is a book of photographs taken by Richard Knight during his time working in Eero Saarinen’s office in the 1950s up until Saarinen’s death in 1961. The photographs show Saarinen and his associates in deeply focused work, taping models, scrutinizing their designs, and discussing ideas. The models are at once ambitious, some in a scale so large that they occupied entire rooms, and loose, erected quickly to test and further ideas. An incredible sense of play, but serious play, comes across from seeing these grown men in suits crouching around scale buildings and mounting their drawings to the walls. The craft of it all is enviable.

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