Oppi Untracht
Abrams, New York, 1997, English
Nonfiction, Jewelry Design
ISBN: 9780810938861

From the Publisher. Far more than merely a display of wealth and taste, jewelry is an integral element in the lives of the people of India. This is the first book to explore Indian jewelry comprehensively as both an ongoing aesthetic tradition spanning 5,000 years and a highly significant form of cultural expression.

Drawing on more than 35 years of research and collecting, Oppi Untracht authoritatively surveys the major Indian jewelry forms and techniques. He also examines the many aspects of Indian culture that influence the marking and wearing of jewelry: from primitive magic and formal religion to social, political, and economical factors.

The jewelry presented here is worn by many ethnic groups from every state of this vast and complex country. The nearly 900 illustrations include beautiful photographs of individual ornaments juxtaposed with others showing how they are made, who wears themfrom royalty to brides and grooms to domestic animals—and on what occasions. Untracht, an expert on jewelry-making techniques, has created numerous line drawing that depict traditional design forms and processes. In all, this superbly produced book is the definitive resources on the subject.

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Marion Fasel

India imbues jewelry with more meaning than any other culture. This book covers everything from Mugal diamond styles to base-metal bangles.

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