Akiko Fukai

Curator; Academic; Writer; Lecturer / Fashion Design / Japan / Kyoto Costume Institute

Books Every Fashion Designer Should Read

A fashion designer should first of all understand the power of authentic clothing. The real clothes that real people wear demonstrate the richness and diversity of human thought. . . . View the complete text
5 books

This book, written in 1971 by an architect, still has many interesting angles from which to consider why we dress.

Explores feminism in painting, addressing the themes of modernity, sexuality, and repression.

Walter Benjamin

An unfinished lifelong project of the philosopher Walter Benjamin; an enormous collection of writings on the city life of Paris during the 19th century, with many references to fashion.

A study of clothes by a psychoanalyst of the Lacanian school. The author argues the question of the essentials of clothing.

Jun’ichiro Tanizaki

Theory of Japanese culture written in 1933 by an acclaimed Japanese novelist who considered shadows the core of Japanese aesthetics.

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