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Debbie Millman’s Notable Books of 2011

In reviewing my recommendations for Notable Books of 2011, I was struck by an unexpected common denominator: the subtext of each contends with a journey. Some are more overt and easy to identify—the visual navigation of a corporation’s identity, for example, or the evolution of a career. Several are more abstract and expressive and recount a struggle to change one’s path in life or leave a partner in crime. Others steadfastly describe the trajectory and influence of patterns and trends, symbols and semiotics.

Whether these chosen books reveal the heartbreaking struggle of self-realization or celebrate the courage of a dramatic leap, one thing is clear: 2011 was a year of transition and change. While not quite a full-on metamorphosis, it has certainly made for some remarkable reading.

1 book
Charley Harper

Fashion designer Todd Oldham discovered the work of Charley Harper in 2001 and collaborated with him until his death in 2007. Together, they navigated through Harper’s extensive archive to create an exuberant, joyful monograph. This 2011 edition is a miniature, more affordable version of the original book; while smaller, its spirit and eloquence are in no way diminished.

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