Norman Weinstein

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Norman Weinstein is a poet and critic with a strong interest in writing and teaching about the points where design, music, and poetry intersect. His books include a study of Gertrude Stein’s writing, A Night in Tunisia: Imaginings of Africa in Jazz, and six books of poetry, the most recent being No Wrong Notes. He has taught at universities in New York and Idaho, and currently teaches English as a Second Language to Italian and Chinese engineers at Micron Technology, work reconfiguring his understanding of the poetics of design and music.

Contributed Articles

Themed Book Lists
By Norman Weinstein December 10, 2013

Designers & Books Book Board member Norman Weinstein offers his personally curated 2013 gift guide to seven design books for very particular readers.

Daily Features
By Norman Weinstein October 30, 2013

Several major modern architects have had an intensive preoccupation with glass, but no other architect has so comprehensively and dynamically designed with, and invented new processes to decorate, glass as Carlo Scarpa (1906–78).

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