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Aldo Bakker’s Book List

My list consists of a selection of books that were important to me at the time I discovered them and in a way still are. As an autodidact, I have used these books over and over again to study design. They had a huge influence on my education.

I tend to be quite selective when buying books. When I love the work of an artist but do not like the way the book is designed I don’t buy it. I am convinced that the design of the book should always interact with the content.

2 books
Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck must have a deep interest in people and care about them greatly to be able to create such intimate, strange yet familiar sculptures. This book discloses Mueck’s process of making, but, remarkably, this doesn’t interfere at all with the poetry of the work. Instead, it only intensifies the experience.

Hans den Hartog Jager

Hans den Hartog Jager is an inspired and ambitious Dutch art critic who is not afraid to take a position. I read his reviews and interviews like a detective. Hans is able to describe the mystical as well as sensual sides of art and design—something that not many other critics seem to do.

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