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Allison Arieff’s Notable Books of 2012

1 book
Jenny Volvovski
Julia Rothman
Matt Lamothe
Foreword by David Macaulay

No, it's not a handbook for cub journalists but rather a beautifully designed book that brings scientists and artists together to explain the “wondrous mysteries of science.” All I can say is “thank you.” I want to know how stars are born, how much of human behavior is predetermined, and how migrating animals find their way back home (especially as the parent of an inquisitive first-grader). And I can’t tell you how much easier and more pleasurable it is to grasp such concepts when they’re accompanied by such incredible illustrations. I especially appreciate the perspective of the book’s authors who were inspired by the charts and diagrams created at a time when the scientific world was still very much in early development. Back then, visual explorations helped impart a greater understanding of natural phenomena. Accordingly, the introduction applauds the plethora of information set before us but gently urges the reader that “before you do a quick online search for the purpose of the horned owl’s horns, you should give yourself some time to wonder.” Excellent advice.

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