David Piscuskas

Architect / United States / 1100 Architect

David Piscuskas’s Book List

In selecting items for this list, I focused on books that were formative in creating a foundation of design thinking and that have continued to be relevant to my work.

5 books
Walter Benjamin

Every design student should read Walter Benjamin. In The Arcades Project he presents a compelling study of the condensation of public space into a controlled environment.

Gary Garrels

There are many qualities in Brice Marden’s work that inspire. His paintings achieve a beauty, elegance, and deceptive simplicity that appear to be effortless but in reality require much hard work. Similarly, good design should never feel overly contrived or difficult.

Pierre Cabanne

I find Duchamp significant because of the economy of his work.

Mary Jane Jacob

Matta Clark’s work unlocks an internal life of buildings that makes a common structure very dynamic. I have always found his work stimulating and highly anticipatory of spatial inventions to come.

Mary Jane Jacob

See my comment on Gordon Matta-Clark: A Retrospective.

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