Sam Hecht

Product/Industrial Designer / United Kingdom / Industrial Facility

Sam Hecht’s Book List

I like books. In fact, I make a book for every project I do. I like the designers of books, too, because when they are successful, they make the book worth far more than the material it is on. Books that resonate with me most are ones that have little or no imagery. These are few and far between, because there seems to be too much imagery these days. I like to imagine what the writer is describing. Here are some of these books I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy.

1 book
Peter Zumthor

This book I have read about four times. It is very clever, very personal, and short. Zumthor’s description of his process is inspirational not because it is so revolutionary but rather because it is uncompromising. You can tell he is on a continuous journey of understanding himself in the context of the world around us, and he has a mission that must be delivered. I have great respect for that, and for this book.

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