Tim Brown

Product/Industrial Designer / United States / IDEO

Tim Brown’s Book List

Victor Papanek,  Donald Norman, George Orwell.

9 books
Paul Collier

A powerful argument for why we should not kid ourselves that we have been working on the most important problems.

Peter Drucker

A beautiful logic and pragmatism introduced to what had previously been seen as a black art.

Richard Feynman

This book disabused me of any notion that science is not creative.

Jeff Hawkins

A new way of thinking about intelligence that gave me some new insights about how I think creatively.

Kevin Kelly

An explanation of why emergence is one of the most powerful creative forces.

Roger Martin

An explanation of integrative thinking, a driver of all design.

Harold McGee

A lovely treatise on the importance of science to craft.

Jacqueline Novogratz

An inspiring argument for the power of “patient capital” from a pioneering social entrepreneur.

Robert Wright

A 40,000-year perspective on why it is better to make the pie bigger than compete for a slice of the existing pie.

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