Laurence King Publishing

For more than 20 years, Laurence King Publishing has been creating distinctive and sought-after books on the visual and creative arts. Subjects include fashion; art; graphic, product, and interior design; architecture; photography; film; and advertising. Recently, the company has added an exciting gift line of artistic offerings.

For recent and forthcoming design books from Laurence King Publishing, visit the Designers & Books Online Book Fair.

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Bold, Beautiful and Damned: The World of 1980s Fashion Illustrator Tony Viramontes by Dean Rhys Morgan and published by Laurence King Publishing, celebrates the artist's work and life.

A film to accompany the publication of the book, Airline: Style at 30,000 Feet.

A new series, “This is...” makes the true stories behind the some of the world’s great artists visual.

Selected Backlist

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