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By André Leon Talley December 24, 2013

This is one of my favorite books, I always read it as a young boy at Christmas and loved the simple narrative. It so reminded me of my home, and my life with my grandmother: the prepping of fruit cake for the holidays, the intimate bonding of a young child to an older adult—friends between the generational divide. It’s a great, great masterpiece.

Book of the Week
By Tiffany Lambert, Designers & Books December 24, 2013

An experimental 1967 collaboration between the originator of media analysis and a major designer has new meaning today. More...

By Sheila Bridges December 23, 2013

You will be moved by the author’s strength and resilience.

Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter December 23, 2013

On the walls in one of her rooms at home, Sheila Bridges has painted the words of the authors and books she loves, she tells Design Matters’s Debbie Millman in a recent interview. More...

Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview
December 20, 2013

This week we featured book recommendations from IDEO’s Tom and David Kelley; some larger than life-size visuals from Steven Heller and Mirko Ilić’s new book, Lettering Large; and an interactive novel. In anticipation of our interview with architect, urban planner, educator, and author Denise Scott Brown this coming January, we posted some reflections from students who were enrolled in Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown’s famous 1968 studio class at the Yale School of Architecture, “Learning from Las Vegas.” Next week we’ll find out who the winners are for our giveway of signed copies of the book Learning from Las Vegas (drawing ends Dec. 21 at 12:01 EST). The book is also available for sale at the Designers & Books Online Book Fair, at a 30% discount. More...

By Michael Manfredi December 20, 2013

As an architect who likes to cook, I can think of few cookbooks that are so “architectural.”

Themed Book Lists
December 20, 2013

In this updated list of books on food and food design, cooking, and dining (with a design twist) are 15 recommendations by contributors, including Tim Brown, Louise Fili, Zuzana Licko, Michael Manfredi, and Maria Popova, and our featured publishers. More...

Daily Features
By Stephanie Salomon, Designers & Books December 19, 2013

Students from Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown’s 1968 studio class at the Yale School of Architecture, Learning from Las Vegas, which would give rise to a famous book of the same name, share some memories of the class they took 45 years ago. More...

By Witold Rybczynski December 19, 2013

Pre-dates the descent into obfuscatory jargon that bedevils most theoretical texts. Still a stimulating read, even if the movement it helped to launch—postmodernism—fizzled out.

Daily Features
By Angela Riechers, Superscript December 18, 2013

In the mystery novel S., an inventive format demonstrates new ways that print can surprise and engage a reader. More...