Chosen Books

Invited designers and commentators have chosen these as the books that inspire them and that have shaped their worldview or their ideas about design.
480 books
The Affluent Society
John Kenneth Galbraith
Against Interpretation
Susan Sontag
The Age of Missing Information
Bill McKibben
Agnes’s Jacket
Gail A. Hornstein
Agricola and Germania
Cornelius Tacitus et al.
Amusing Ourselves to Death
Neil Postman
And the Sea Is Never Full
Elie Wiesel
Animals in Translation
Temple Grandin et al.
Animals Make Us Human
Temple Grandin
Antonio Stradivari
William Henry Hill
Applied Grammatology
Gregory Ulmer
The Apprentice: My Life in the Kitchen
Jacques Pépin
The Art of Eating
M. F. K. Fisher
The Art of Fiction
David Lodge
The Art of Travel
Alain de Botton
The Ascent of Money
Niall Ferguson
The Atomic Age Opens
Pocket Books
Au Revoir to All That
Michael Sternberger
Autobiography of a Yogi
Parmahansa Yogananda
The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
Gertrude Stein
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
Autobiography of a Face
Lucy Grealy
The Autobiography of General Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant
The Awakened Self
Lucien Stryk
Baedeker’s Rome and Central Italy
Karl Baedeker
Balfour: The Last Grandee
R.J.Q. Adams
The Battle for God
Karen Armstrong
The Beak of the Finch
Jonathan Weiner