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References and New Discoveries: Alexander Haldemann’s Book List

Some of the books I selected had an influence on me professionally. Other books were formative for me personally—either books I read growing up (and now share with my children), or books that have moved me as an adult. What they have in common is that they were all lying around piled on top of the books on the shelves, which suggests they are either important to me and I reference them often, or new discoveries, or both. They also trace my international journey from Switzerland to San Francisco. Next stop: Australia.

2 books
Rebecca Solnit

When I moved to San Francisco from Zurich in 2009, Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas really helped me discover the city. With Google Maps, an atlas may seem archaic. But this book is a work of art, and I find it to be an indispensable tool for understanding and uncovering the many secrets of the City by the Bay. For me, this included the many great walks, the incredible architecture, and my all-time favorite: coffee shop recommendations.

Andy Short
Brad Farmer

My wife is from Sydney and misses the warm sunny beaches. When the time comes that I can finally take a sabbatical, we will spend it on the beaches of Australia. This is the book that will guide us.

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