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References and New Discoveries: Alexander Haldemann’s Book List

Some of the books I selected had an influence on me professionally. Other books were formative for me personally—either books I read growing up (and now share with my children), or books that have moved me as an adult. What they have in common is that they were all lying around piled on top of the books on the shelves, which suggests they are either important to me and I reference them often, or new discoveries, or both. They also trace my international journey from Switzerland to San Francisco. Next stop: Australia.

1 book
Christoph Becker Editor

Füssli, the Wild Swiss is a retrospective of the work of the Swiss painter Johann Heinrich Füssli. Füssli moved around a lot, and lived and worked in Switzerland as well as France, Italy, Germany, and England, not only speaking and writing in those languages, but adapting himself to those cultures. In fact he would even alter his name to conform to the culture he was living in, such as changing it from Füssli to Fuseli to sound more Italian. What inspires me about Füssli is that he had an international consciousness—expressed in his art—in the 18th century, decades before direct flights and the Internet would make that an easy thing to do. He did it when it was hard.

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