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Aldo Bakker’s Book List

My list consists of a selection of books that were important to me at the time I discovered them and in a way still are. As an autodidact, I have used these books over and over again to study design. They had a huge influence on my education.

I tend to be quite selective when buying books. When I love the work of an artist but do not like the way the book is designed I don’t buy it. I am convinced that the design of the book should always interact with the content.

3 books
Yutaka Saito

Wholeness: there is no boundary between big and small, between technique, function, gesture, rhythm—they all inspire each other equally, everything is treated with the same amount of effort and complexity. I am always very impressed by Scarpa’s work and TOTO has managed to present it in the most complete and beautiful manner.

Kazuyo Sejima
Ryue Nishizawa

Sanaa interprets and purifies the normal and the actual in such a way that it defines a new, almost floating architecture. The tone of the book reflects the identity of this firm very well. The book is so densely filled that you keep feeling the need to dive into it again and again in the hope of discovering something new.

Enric Miralles

Introduces Miralles’s highly personal form of language, complex and rich in form and composition. On many points the book is incomprehensible, but it still continues to attract me and pose questions. I used to have a weakness for El Croquis publications, as they present an overload of information and good, new photography.

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