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Jonathan Olivares’s Book List

Each of these five books have altered my position on design and design research—they are staples in my library. In an interview, the filmmaker Harmony Korine once stated that two people can see the same movie, and one will walk out thinking about popcorn while the other walks out thinking about fascism. I have no idea what these books might prompt from another reader, but I’ve given my popcorn here.

1 book
Alessio Ascari
Barbara Casavecchia

I bought this catalogue in 2010 at the exhibition of Enzo Mari’s paperweight collection at Kaleidoscope in Milan. I spent an hour walking around the exhibition photographing each one of the paperweights on display before realizing that this book—which catalogues Mari’s fascinating collection—was for sale. It is a simple book on a simple theme, and like the exhibition offers a world of objects whose forms bear a clear, but always surprising relationship to their materials.

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