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Each of these five books have altered my position on design and design research—they are staples in my library. In an interview, the filmmaker Harmony Korine once stated that two people can see the same movie, and one will walk out thinking about popcorn while the other walks out thinking about fascism. I have no idea what these books might prompt from another reader, but I’ve given my popcorn here.

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Donald Judd

Though the ideas developed by Judd throughout this compilation of his gallery reviews, book reviews, articles, letters and statements are entirely interesting, what really intrigues me about this book is the fact that Judd actually went through with all of this writing, firmly developing his position on so many of the works of his contemporaries. The other thing that excites me about the book is that he states that he did all the writing therein as a mercenary, only for the money, to help support himself as an artist, and that he always put the writing off until the deadline. Viewing the book this way I can't help but imagine all the months' rent paid by these words. This book inspired me to support my design studio through similar mercenary-writing activities. I still do write to support the studio and I still put off writing until the very last possible moment, which creates a very productive tension around the writing process.

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