Chosen Books

Invited designers and commentators have chosen these as the books that inspire them and that have shaped their worldview or their ideas about design.
80 books
The Surreal Body
Ghislaine Wood
Adorned in Dreams: Fashion and Modernity
Elizabeth Wilson
Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution
Caroline Weber
As Seen in BLITZ: Fashioning ‘80s Style
Iain R. Webb
The Savile Row Story
Richard Walker
Gravures Militaires
Alberto von Escher
Fashion Zeitgeist
Barbara Vinken
The Unexpurgated Beaton
Hugo Vickers, ed.
Patronen = Patterns
Bob Verhelst et al.
Costume Patterns and Designs
Max Tilke
A Queer History of Fashion
Valerie Steele, ed.
Yohji Yamamoto: Talking to Myself
Carla Sozzani, ed.
Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint
Shoes: A History from Sandals to Sneakers
Giorgio Riello et al.
The Complete Costume History
Auguste Racinet
King of Fashion: The Autobiography of Paul Poiret
Paul Poiret
Jewels and Jewellery
Clare Phillips
Fashioning the Bourgeoisie: A History of Clothing in the Nineteenth Century
Philippe Perrot
Fashion and Armour in Renaissance Europe
Angus Patterson
Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex and Disco
Roger Padiha et al.
Seventeenth-Century Women’s Dress Patterns
Susan North et al.
Women Then: Photographs 1954–1969
Julia Morton et al.
The Dandy: Brummell to Beerbohm
Ellen Moers
Ascher: Fabric, Art, Fashion
Valerie D. Mendes et al.
Madame Grès: Sphinx of Fashion
Patricia Mears
Underwear: Fashion in Detail
Eleri Lynn
Chic Clicks
Ulrich Lehmann et al.
American Fashion
Sarah Tomerlin Lee, ed.
Dressed: A Century of Hollywood Costume Design
Deborah Nadoolman Landis
Issey Miyake: East Meets West
Kazuko Koike, ed.
Fashioning Fiction in Photography since 1990
Susan Kismaric et al.
Women Designers in the USA, 1900–2000
Pat Kirkham, ed.
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