Chosen Books

Invited designers and commentators have chosen these as the books that inspire them and that have shaped their worldview or their ideas about design.
75 books
American Architecture and Urbanism Scully, Vincent Comments:
The American City from the Civil War to the New Deal Ciucci, Giorgio et al.
As I Was Saying Rowe, Colin
The Beer Can by the Highway Kouwenhoven, John A.
Canyon of Dreams: The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon Kubernik, Harvey
Charter of the New Urbanism Leccese, Michael et al.
Cities of the World Braun, Georg et al.
The City in History Mumford, Lewis
City of Darkness Girard, Greg et al.
Communitas Goodman, Percival et al.
The Concise Townscape Cullen, Gordon
The Concrete Dragon Campanella, Thomas J.
Crossing the BLVD: Strangers, Neighbors, Aliens in a New America Lehrer, Warren et al.
The Culture of Cities Mumford, Lewis
The Death and Life of Great American Cities Jacobs, Jane
Delirious New York Koolhaas, Rem
Design Like You Give a Damn Sinclair, Cameron et al.
Design with Nature McHarg, Ian
Designs on the Land MacLean, Alex
Discovering the Vernacular Landscape Jackson, John Brinckerhoff
The Economy of Cities Jacobs, Jane
Energy and Form Knowles, Ralph L.
Everyday America Wilson, Chris et al.
Family and Kinship in East London Young, Michael
Fin-de-Siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture Schorske, Carl E.
Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping Koolhaas, Rem et al.
The Highway and the City Mumford, Lewis
History Builds the Town Korn, Arthur
Horizons Bel Geddes, Norman
The Idea of a Town Rykwert, Joseph
The Image of the City Lynch, Kevin
Imagined Cities: Urban Experience and the Language of the Novel Alter, Robert
In the Life of Cities Mostafavi, Mohsen
Infrastructure Hayes, Brian
The Interpretation of Ordinary Landscapes Jackson, John Brinckerhoff
The Invention of Tradition Hobsbawm, E. J. et al.
Istanbul Pamuk, Orhan
Journeys: How Travelling Fruit, Ideas and Buildings Rearrange our Environment Borasi, Giovanna
Kinshasa: Tales of the Invisible City Boeck, Filip de et al.
Le Droit à la ville (Right to the City) Lefebvre, Henri
Learning from Hangzhou Borysevicz, Mathieu
The Levittowners Gans, Herbert J.
Location and Space Economy Isard, Walter
Mayhew’s London Mayhew, Henry et al.
Metropolis: Center and Symbol of Our Times Kasinitz, Philip
Miami Modern Metropolis Shulman, Allan T.
Object to Be Destroyed: The Work of Gordon Matta-Clark Lee, Pamela M.
The 100 Mile City Sudjic, Deyan
The Origins of Modern Town Planning Benevolo, Leonardo
Paradise Planned Stern, Robert A. M. et al.
Patrick Geddes in India Tyrwhitt, Jaqueline
People and Plans Gans, Herbert J.
Personal Space Sommer, Robert
Plan of Chicago, 1909 Burnham, Daniel Hudson et al.
Politics, Planning, and the Public Interest Meyerson, Martin et al.
Pop-Up City Beekmans, Jeroen
The Power Broker Caro, Robert
The Private Future Pawley, Martin
Quotidiano sostenibile Manzini, Ezio et al.
Re-cycle Ciorra, Pippo
Scarp Papadimitriou, Nick
Sense of the City Zardini, Mirko
Solution 239–246 Kalliala, Martti et al.
Supercrit #2—Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown Rattenbury, Kester
The Making of Classical Edinburgh 1750–1840 Youngson, Alexander John Brown
Theorizing the City Low, Setha M.
Three Essays on Town Planning Kriesis, Paul
Tokyo Suburbia Homma, Takashi
Town Planning in Practice Unwin, Raymond
Twenty Minutes in Manhattan Sorkin, Michael
Twenty Years at Hull-House Addams, Jane
Urban Traffic: A Function of Land Use Mitchell, Robert B. et al.
The Wealth of Cities Norquist, John
You Have to Pay for the Public Life Moore, Charles et al.
Zone 1/2 Feher, Michael et al.