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Kit Hinrichs’s Book List

It’s interesting to be asked about what books have influenced my career. Although I am an avid reader (often of airplane trash), most of what has affected my career is the observation of what you see in everyday culture. My book list is a very broad array of books that have inspired, influenced, and informed my career through the editorial eye of the designer, artist, photographer, or writer who wrote, created, assembled, analyzed, and designed the material within the pages of these books.

33 books
Takenobu Igarashi

Igarashi at his best.

Steff Geissbuhler

Perhaps the best examples of corporate design in print today, and all designed by one firm.

Germano Facetti
Alan Fletcher

A comprehensive and practical look at the origin and use of clichés.

I collect all of Steven’s books and I just love illustration.

James Moran

Morison was and is one of my typographic heroes—he influences me daily.

Alan Aldridge

Classic art about a classic rock group.

M. C. Escher

A classic book about one of the 20th century’s most influential imagery makers.

For me, Glaser is one of the most influential design thinkers in the world.

Ikko Tanaka

A terrific look inside Japanese imagery.

Susan Pack

The influence of these designers and their work is as fresh today as it was when they were created.

Walt Reed

A great perspective on the American spirit through illustration; a win-win.

Nigel Holmes

Holmes makes everything clear and accessible.

David Suter

One of the most imaginative Op-Ed illustrators in the field.

An interesting design comparison of one culture’s design aesthetic superimposed on another.

Lois was perhaps the most influential art director in my life.

Philip B. Meggs
Alston Purvis

The best reference guide to American design, even if I didn’t make the cut!

Harold Rosenberg

A tour-de-force exploration of an artist’s imagination.

Takenobu Igarashi

An international giant of typography as sculptor.

Alan Fletcher

One of design’s best thinkers.

Al Hirschfeld

A collection of maximum wit with a minimum of line.

Dick Hess
Marion Muller

Lou Dorfsman’s work in the corporate world is phenomenal.

Edward R. Tufte

One of the leaders in information design.

Julian Rothenstein
Mel Gooding

A very entertaining and contemporary look at historic typography.

Fred Woodward

One of the best assemblages of illustration in America in the 20th century.

Paul Rand

The master of the graphic design profession.

Rudolph de Harak

La crème de la crème of international poster design.

Katharine Harmon

A fascinating collection and perspective on maps.

Doyald Young

Young was one of my most influential teachers on typographic spacing.

Peter Bradford

A leader in explaining everything to everyone.

Peter Hall Editor

The conscience of design.

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